What is A Homebody

What is a homebody? In the simplest terms, a homebody is a person who prefers pleasures and activities that center around the home. The way we see, there is so much more to being a homebody than the simplest definition. Being a homebody doesn’t just mean you prefer to be home over a night out at a loud night-club. It means you truly enjoy the feeling you get when you enter your home. You love the way it makes you feel, and it energizes your spirit.

A true homebody knows the importance of creating a haven that is comfortable, and desirable whether that’s with custom handmade ceramic mugs and hot cocoa – or your own cozy fireplace. Someone who enjoys spending time in their own home is more likely to invite others over, and offer to host the gathering. The more enjoyable your home is to be in, the more people will want to join you in your abode.

According to Duluth Bed and Breakfast – “Thoughtful Interior design can create the most ideal living situation for any homebody. Utilizing trends, while incorporating your own personal style can result in a dreamy sanctuary. Here are some interior design trends to try  in your home this year.”

Mixed Materials:

“Why just choose one element to focus on in your home. Mix beautiful stone work with reclaimed wood beams for a rustic, yet modern look. Try a colorful rug to cover drab tile for a mediterranean flair. Don’t forget to utilize your window treatments to make a statement. Use a sheer material in smaller rooms, and a bolder, heavier fabric in rooms that need warmth. Don’t be afraid to mix metals in your home. Modern spaces combine copper and silver or rose gold and brass for a sophisticated flare.” – Zimmerman Roofing

Keep it Green:

Houseplants are one of the best ways to add color and life to your home. Choose a couple large plants for a statement piece or stock up on wild flower arrangements for a lower- commitment approach. Plants can also offer better air quality, as well as sound dampening

Choose a Statement Color:

“Kitchen cabinets don’t always have to be white or wood. Try a matte blue or a soft olive green with white marble counter tops for a farmhouse inspired twist. Not ready to commit to a cabinet color? Add a statement wall with patterned wallpaper and keep the rest of the area neutral..” says Art Hays of A.D. Hays – Minneapolis Real Estate.

Try a Couch in the Kitchen:  

For a homebody, there is nothing better than having your friends come to you. Encouragin-homeme entertaining by creating a lounge space near the action. You can prepare cocktails, or dinner, while your guests chat on the sofa.

Stock up on Cute Pillows and Blankets:

Most  homebodies love the coziness and comfort of their own home. Part of that reason is they can control the surroundings. Keep your home chic, and relaxing by investing in high quality blankets and pillows that are also visually appealing. Pottery Barn is a great resource for high quality, and adorable textiles. Don’t forget candles- a warm and comforting scent is the cherry on top! 

Entertainment at your Fingertips:

Nobody likes to search around for a speaker or the T.V. remote. Purchase a few Google Home Minis and place them strategically around the house. Never worry about having a free hand, because these little speakers are voice activated and get better at commands the more you use them. You can even program them to make phone calls.  Every homebody loves the ability to say “Hey Google, Play The Office on Netflix.” while pouring a glass of wine.

With these tips any homebody will be on their way to creating a dreamy home, that even the most social butterfly would pass up concert tickets for. The next time you feel that tinge of guilt while crafting an intricate excuse as to why you can’t go to your coworkers murder mystery party, pat yourself on the back for creating a space that you love so much. And forget the excuses and just send this.